Friday, September 22, 2017

The Pains

There are different types of pain I'm experiencing.  I'm sure everyone has experience the tingling when your feet or hands "fall asleep".  It's NOT that. There is numbness in my hands that makes it difficult for me to draw.  I try to get some drawing in when I can, but it's becoming an exceptional day for me to draw.  My feet have a sensitivity that goes beyond numbness.  But those symptoms are not the pains.  Nor is the feeling of stepping on rocks when I walk.  That never seems to go away, but it's not like the pains.  I will break the pains down into the different categories of pain that I experience.

Pins and Needles 

Little pin pricks all over the feet and legs.  Sometimes these occur so much at one time that there is even some heat-feeling involved.  So, pin-pricks and burning of the feet; when this happens, both my roommate and I call it "being microwaved".

Ice Picks

These are point-specific and sharply abrupt.  A jab to the big toe or the ankles.  Sometimes as far up my legs to the knees.  They take my breath away when they happen.

Knife Stabs

 I'll get a knife-stab feeling at the bottom of my feet.  It's like someone takes a butcher knife and stabs the bottom of my foot, usually in the arch area.  It is abrupt too.  Enduring the pain, that is all you think about until it's over.

It's getting late and I'm beginning to lose focus. Better publish this and get some rest.

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