Thursday, September 21, 2017

I should have started this when the pain started. I had no idea that it would continue for so long. It was April of 2016 that my feet began to hurt and not stop hurting.

At first, it was like I was walking on pebbles, I felt like I had rocks in my shoes or socks. I was having trouble sleeping and especially in the wee hours of the morning, seemingly always starting at 4 am, when it would feel like my feet were bursting into flames. I tried soaking them in Epsom salts. I had mixed results mostly just adding to my discomfort.

Being jobless and without health insurance (but does anyone in the U.S. have HEALTH insurance. It seems you pay for disease maintenance rather than any actual health benefits), I had to find alternatives to relieving my pain. I have a wonderful chiropractor that has helped me realize that this isn't a back/spine problem, and I'll get to that, but it's perhaps a virus or parasite. I have been to a traditional doctor who didn't listen to a thing I said and diagnosed me with diabetes, which again, is not the problem. It's just an easy answer for them. For those that think I should just find another doctor, see the opening statement in this paragraph.

I hope to describe the pains that occur. They are all different and don't seem to be triggered by anything I can figure and are not regular, except for the constant foot pain that makes it difficult to walk.


Joanne. said...

I had no idea you have been suffering for so long. Am glad we have connected after years and years. You are and have always been one of my favorite people and to learn you are suffering makes me so sad, I want to stay in contact with you and hope to be around when you find the help you need to get to the bottom of this mysterious ailment. Love to you.

Mike Sullivan said...

Thanks, Joanne. It was so good to see you and Frosty at Dad's funeral. It was a rough time, but I was so happy to see you.