Saturday, September 23, 2017

Friday, September 22, 2017

Yesterday was a really good day.  I still had pain, mind you, but it was not as severe as what my "normal" is, my normal for the past year or so.  I had a chiropractor appointment and got some acupuncture and felt pretty good.  I wanted to do so much but figured I should take it easy and I did.  I came home and made a call to my sister, Vonnie, who lives in MidWest City, OK, as it was her birthday.  It was a good talk.

My roommate, Kerry, wasn't having as good of a day.  He has similar problems and has had them for about a year longer than me.  After dinner, we sat down to watch a movie and at around 10:15pm or so, we started in with the "microwave" pain of pins, needles, and what felt like a sledge hammer to the shins.  We soon went to our respective rooms.  I went to bed and I believe Kerry did the same.

I slept a fitful sleep.  Getting up ever hour or two.  Eventually, I did get up for the day around 11am and had breakfast.  I think I had gotten up around 6:30am and watched some UFO stuff or something.  Wasn't really focused, just trying to manage the pain with some turmeric, which can help a little and not resort to an NSAID. Oh, and Buff, my cat, was in an extremely playful mood.  I played "red laser dot" with him and also, he scooted around on the bed chasing...well, nothing I could see.  I think he was just being "crazy".  It reminded me a lot of Tomas, my cat that died earlier this year.  It was surprising that FaceBook prompted me with pictures from a year ago of Tomas.  I still miss him. 

In that twelve hour or so period, I do think I slept 8 hours.  Not like some nights that I sleep for an hour and then I'm up until 5am or 6am before I can sleep again.  I have been trying to draw or color in those wee hours to make them at least a little productive.  I've also started writing about the houses I lived in as a child.  Somehow, this all helps get past the pains.

Now, you might be thinking that as both me and my roommate have the "same thing", maybe there are environmental factors.  It would have to be something beyond what we've already come up with and dismissed.  And we've talked about it a lot.  The only thing that seems to be similar is both of us got this nerve pain after a fall.  In fact, Kerry fell twice.  And then the nerve pain started.

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