Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Dream Today During My Nap

I had to lay down, as I do most days, for a nap.   The pain was bad.  Anyway, for the hour I was down, I did fall asleep and actually had a dream.

In it, I lived in a big, old, multi-story house.  Some big men broke into my house and threatened me.  In the dream, I knew who the men were, but I don't really know anyone like them.  They were big men, long hair, scruffy beards.  They thought that I knew something that they wanted.  Some information of some kind.  I'm not sure what, but something.

My cat, Buff, was there and was hiding.  I was glad he was hiding because I didn't know what these guys would do.  There were, at first, three of them.  Then, two, and finally just the one doing most of the talking.  He threatened to break my cell phone (I don't have a working cell phone) and I told him I didn't care if he did.  It wasn't important to me although in the dream my father had given it to me, so it had sentimental value and I didn't want him to break it.

I somehow lured him out of the house, onto the porch.  The big house had one of those big wrap-around porches with the railing and big steps to the front.  I looked over the railing to the side and my cat, Tomas, was there, playing in a box next to some flowers.  I was so happy to see him (Tomas died last year,  March, 2017). 

I didn't want the big, bad man to get him, so I jumped over the railing and got Tomas.  I had him in my arms and brushed the leaves off of his fur.  I held him to me and then woke up from the dream.

Buff was laying next to me.  I startled him awake and he came up to me.  I pet him and talked to him.  I was glad he was with me. 

But the dream still made me sad.  It's funny what dreams come to you.

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