Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Gloomy Day

Today was a rough day.  Waves of nausea and aches, maybe due to the rainy weather, I'm not sure, kept me from accomplishing anything.  And now, I'll probably be up most of the night but at least the nausea is gone.

I can't keep my hands and feet warm today either.  I have my heating pad, but there only so much you can avoid doing to keep them under a heating pad.   Definitely makes typing difficult.  Ha.

Lydia © 2018 Mike Sullivan
Any time I touch something cold, both hands are immediately cold.  When I stand on my feet, they become immediately cold.  I wear two pair of socks and my memory foam shoes.  I guess it's just my current process.  It's what I have to do.

I'm not totally sure where this blog-post is going.  My  mind isn't very focused.  Maybe I'll do some drawing.  I really need to make that a habit.

Here is s character design for one of my graphic novels.  Her name is Lydia, if I don't change it to a color-name.  She's the queen of a human-offshoot race.  Her husband, the king, will be named Indygo. 

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