Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Everything's Rough

The feeling in my hands is all wonky.  Everything I touch feels rough.  Fresh sheets on the bed, my soft, fluffy kitty, the smoothness of ... well, anything.  It all feels rough.  And there are degrees of roughness to it, but it starts out just plain rough.

That's not normal, but telling a medical doctor is like telling him about my favorite comic book character.   A blank look comes over his face and he's thinking of his vacation or last night's episode of The Good Doctor.I don't have access to opiates.  The people I know that have taken them for years for their pain are NOT addicted to them.  I don't care what they say on the news about this.  It frightens me that people have access to guns but are unable to get relief from pain (you'll just have to forgive me that I don't believe this has to be in the Constitution to be something everyone should have) without the stigma (and now persecution) of taking drugs to deal with the pain that medical doctors mostly just ignore.  They can't deal with pain.   Pain isn't quantifiable for them. 

I hear the tone of the newscasters that talk about the Opiate Addiction Epidemic
.  That tone and most of the words that come from those news spots place the burden and blame on the people that are in need.  I don't know anyone addicted to drugs.  I probably live a very sheltered life, knowing as many people as I do, not just in Kansas City, but across the Nation and a few around the world.  Let's see some of those people, huh?  How many are we talking about?  How many are we talking about compared to those with alcohol addiction?  At least, they can seek help anonymously.  We don't hear about them on the news unless one of them is driving while intoxicated and hits a child.  I don't want to lessen the tragedy of that, but let's do some real numbers and not just do the same fear tactics they use for politics

Well, my hands have come to a limit on typing this.  I hope to get some sleep tonight, which seems to elude me, but it's almost 5 am. 

Signing off for now.

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