Thursday, July 12, 2018

I have a new pain tonight.  I was just awakened to it.  It was why I went to bed earlier tonight while we were watching t.v.  I'm going to try to describe it as well as the host of others.  Each pain is different, sometimes in combinations, but each has a specific feel.

Tonight, I add what feels like someone has smashed my shins with a cinder block and then throbbing pain afterwards.

Smash.  Throb. Throb.  Throb.

Smash.  Throb. Throb.  Throb.

Smash.  Throb. Throb.  Throb.

It has subsided for now.  I should try to get back to sleep, but want to post this entry.  The other pains include:

A sort of numbness in my feet and now my hands as well.  When I stand, it feels like I'm standing on gravel stones.  My hands do not recognize what I'm holding and many times it feels rough when the object is soft.  When I close my eyes and I'm standing, I'm disoriented and almost dizzy.  Unstable on my feet, with the feeling that I will fall.

Pins and needles in my feet and now in my hands.  These come and go.

Ice pick jabs.  These occur in my toes and now to my knees and calf muscles.

Knife jabs.  The bottoms of my feet, most specifically, to the arches of my feet and mostly to my right foot but has happened to the left as well.

Sensitivity to cold.  I notice this mostly in my hands.  If I touch something cool, my hands are immediately cold and it takes the better part of an hour to warm them back up.  I have noticed this in my feet but I usually wear two pairs of socks these days.

Insensitivity to heat.  This is a terrible one.  I am not aware that something might be hot if I'm touching it with my hands until it has already started to burn me.  This one scares me, but I'm trying to remember to always have a hot-mitt.

There is pain around my midsection, mostly on  my right side, that comes around from the back to just above my navel, to the left.  I don't have this all of the time.  Not sure of the reason of this uncomfortable, distracting pain.  Maybe some nerves in my digestive tract, but it doesn't seem to be following my intestines.

The pain in my feet has begun to creep up my legs. 

All of this pain is exhausting to me.  It keeps me distracted much of the time.  When it's really bad, I have a difficult time understanding what people are saying, what I am reading, what is going on around me, and even what is going on in a tv show or movie. 

That's all I can think of at this time.  I know I should have chronicled all of this throughout these past two years.  I should have written down what I've eaten, when I've eaten it, when I've had a b.m., when I've been able to sleep...  all of it, but I didn't.   Time to do better.

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